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Established in 1984, EA is Canada's longest operating renewable energy company.
We have designed, supplied, and installed thousands of
We understand the challenges and joys of being self-sufficient.

Let our experience benefit your project.

The links below are a sampling of some of the systems EA has worked on over the years.

Remote Lodges, Off-grid Communities, Work Camps and Industrial projects.

Pinkut Creek Spawning Channel. EA conducted aggressive energy efficiency upgrades and installed a hybrid power system. Expect to save 50,000L of diesel annually.

Gwawaenuk First Nations. EA designed, fabricated and installed a hybrid containerized power system to provide 24hr electricity, Internet, phone and water to the community.

GGL Resources Corp, 20 person remote mining exploration camp emergency repower / upgrade due to lighting strike.

Taloyoak, Nunavut water treatment plant. 8.4kW PV, 3 kW wind, 150 kWh battery bank, 24 kW inverter panel, 40 kW diesel generator. Prefabricated in Vancouver, barged to Taloyoak. Installation to be completed July 2011.

Siwash Lake Ranch. EA has been working with Siwash since 2008 on this project. Together we applied for government funding through the Innovative Clean Energy (ICE) program. Our proposal was approved in the spring of 2009. This installation will be in the fall/winter 2009, once the guest season has wrapped up.

Hybrid Containerized Power System for off-grid retreat near Vancouver. A 20' shipping container fitted with the following: 18 kW inverter system, 55 kWh battery bank, dual 34 kW diesel generators. This will be used as power supply for the construction phase. Once the roof is on the building, a large PV array will be installed and tied into the system, providing decades of clean, renewable energy for the owners and their families.

Tsylos Park Lodge Located on Chilko river as it drains into Chilko Lake, Tsylos has recently completely rebuild the original lodge and is now ready for guests. EA installation crew spent a couple weeks on site installing a new hybrid power system for the main lodge + work on 5 other systems nearby. Almost all of the existing systems had major issues with them due to electrician installer being unfamiliar with the basics of renewable energy.

Mount Engadine Lodge. Remote lodge for 20 guests + staff commences the journey to reduce fossil fuel usage by energy efficiency and a hybrid battery/inverter/generator system.

Containerized power system. Gambier Island, BC. Providing system needs for a remote, un-serviced estate close to Vancouver, BC. EA has been working on this site for over 12 years and has conducted several major installations and upgrades as newer hardware becomes available.

Solar Array Upgrade. Extensive upgrade. September 2008. 13.5 kW of PV panels, on three trackers and two fixed pole-mounted array. Challenging site (rock) and water access.

System Upgrade. Houston, BC. Large upgrade for expansive recreational ranch in northwest BC. This location is occupied during summer only. Our local dealer maintains system over winter months.

John Prince Research Forest Hybrid Container System. October 2008 Vanderhoof, BC. Client desired 24 hour electricity without having to run a generator 24 x 7 and the associated fuel costs.

Work Camp Container System. Vanderhoof, BC Solution for remote work camp, previously generator-only 24x7.

Full-time off-grid living

Microhydro Installation. This seasonal microhydro installation suppliments solar PV in the summer and has saved the client enough generator fuel to pay for the installation in under 2 years.

Zensible Living. Saltspring Island, BC. Off-grid, low impact and truly non-toxic and environmentally friendly home project.

Outback to Xantrex upgrade. Good timing and multiple fixes got this customer back up and running again after purchasing a home with a problematic system.

Off-grid eco-homes. Nelson, BC. Two homes, two systems, Powerlines nearby, but client wanted to be off-grid. Dual Outback inverters, 12 kW diesel generator, large PV array, super efficient low EMF household wiring design.

Luxury off-grid living. Pender Harbour, BC. A large, ever-expanding system to service the needs of a 5,000 sq ft main home and 2,000 sq ft guest cabin.

Primary Power 3 system. Quadra Island, BC. Full-time, few miles away from BC Hydro service, client chose EA for a quality installation.

Microhydro Upgrade. The evolution of a microhydro system over a decade. Current system uses a custom-developed EA control system to automatically open and close valves to achieve optimum performance from a highly variable water supply.

Industrial and Specialty Systems

EA is often tasked with some unique projects. We enjoy the challenge these projects bring us.

SolarBC Solar thermal monitoring project. EA was selected to design and deploy a thermal energy metering system to monitor performance of systems through the province

Harmony House Net Zero Home. EA providing design, supply and installation of approximately 11.5 kW of solar-grid tie power.

Olympic Rings, Vancouver, BC. EA was contracted to design and supply customized 48 VDC diesel electric hybrid power supply to power the a floating Olympic Rings in Vancouver Harbour. This system was delivered on time on budget and the world was watching it during Feb 2010.  

BC Hydro wind monitoring station. Northern Vancouver Island, BC. BC Hydro approached EA with a huge problem, limited budget, and tight timeline.

ATC Cabin. International. An innovative containerized living quarters as a project showcasing made-in-Canada solutions.

Race Trailer. North Vancouver, BC. Concept Racing has a trailer that they use to transport their car and serves as a service garage. Needed some power and contacted EA.

Microhydro System. Hope, BC. Working with large construction project to provide power for control systems for municipal water works.

IBEW training system. Toronto, ON. Three different portable systems fabricated to demonstrate various technologies to electricians.

Recreational / Cottage Systems

Cottage System. Bridge Lake, BC 1 kW PV/battery/generator system for off-grid cottage. Satellite internet.

Containerized Power System. 100 mile house, BC. Client wanted a secure housing for his power system, allowing him to develop his existing site using renewable energy.

Cottage system. Sidney Island, BC. A Modified primary power system was installed to meet the demands of the client today, and allow room to expand in the future.

Cottager 1 System. Sidney Island, BC. Modest cottage system to keep up to the demands of a weekend-only cabin.

Evolving cottage system. Horne Lake, BC. Continual small upgrades with system until it was time to do a major system overhaul with new inverters and automated generator.

Grid-tie Systems

Grid-tie has several meanings. It can be a system that will sell power back to the grid when there is a surplus, or it can be a system that switches between solar and grid power to your loads, or function as a backup when the grid power goes down.

North Island College, Courtenay, BC. 6.3 kW Grid-Tie solar Photovoltaic.

Terrace Municipal Hall. 2.2 kW Grid-tie solar photovoltaic installation.

7.2 kW Grid Intertie. Saltspring Island, BC Customer walking his environmental talk with one of the largest privately-owned Grid-Tie PV systems in British Columbia.

Large Grid-tie / backup power system. Smithers, BC. Faced with a desire to to generate their own power, and critical need to keep power on during sometimes extended power outages, EA designed and installed with an army of local contractors a very customized system.

Grid-tie / backup power system. Smithers, BC. Small grid-tie battery backup system to keep the lights on during often extended outages down a country road.


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Microhydro Installation.

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