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Rumble Ridge, Northern Vancouver Island, BC Canada

Energy Alternatives was contacted by BC Hydro in December of 2001. Problem: How to provide electricity required to operate remote wind data acquisition site in an extreme climate. Due to freezing and extreme weather, the instruments required heaters to keep them operating.

They had a quotation to supply a diesel generator set to operate this, the price of which was in excess of $50,000 plus the very high ongoing maintenance as access to the site is either by rough 4x4 road that you cannot get large trucks into, or Helicopter.

Energy Alternatives designed a custom, weather tight enclosure to house the batteries and control systems, coupled with a Whisper H40 wind generator on a 50' tower.

System Details:

Batteries: 12 85T27's, 1725 amp hours @ 24 Volts
Inverter: 500W Xantrex TS524 (primary loads were 24 Volts)
Wind Generator: Whisper H40, 1 kW wind generator, 24 V
Tower: 50' guyed tilt up tower

This system has been in operation on an extreme location for two years now. Access is limited to the site and therefore the system operates for upwards of 6 months between services. It has clocked Sustained winds as high as 110 km/h.

This site has been selected by BC Hydro as one of the leading sites for wind generation and wish to encourage further development of this site into one of BC's first commercial wind farms.

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