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There are two distinct types of solar energy: Solar Electric, and Solar Thermal. EA's expertise is in electrical systems.

Solar thermal information is listed on our website for your reference. We are not available to advise, supply nor install solar thermal systems. Please contact a professional plumber in your area who can advise you on that technology.

Solar Electric Products
Solar Electric (photovoltaic or PV) products convert the sun's energy into electricity. This electricity is then stored in batteries for later use, used to power an appliance such as a water pump directly or fed into the power distribution grid (grid-intertie systems). This energy is then used to run lights, stereos, and any electrical appliance, although it is not generally efficient to run appliances that generate heat such as a baseboard heater in all but the largest systems.

Solar Pool Heating
You can't beat free heat!
A solar heating system can dramatically decrease - and in some cases eliminate - pool heating costs. Using the free, unlimited power of the sun, heat is collected and transferred to your swimming pool water. Tried and true solar technology has been in place for over thirty years and is constantly being improved. Today's systems are reliable, durable, easy to install and maintain, and the benefits are many:

  • An immediate dramatic reduction or elimination of pool heating costs
  • A two-to five-year payback, after which your heat is free
  • An extended swimming season: more time to swim, play, and socialize outdoors
  • Increased value to your pool and your home
  • Decreased environmental impact
Domestic Hot Water (DHW)

DHW systems use the sun's energy to heat hot water. This water may then be used for domestic hot water or for heating purposes. These systems can easily be added to an existing building or can be integrated into new construction.

Kits that start around $1600 can be used to supplement your DHW requirements and still maintain your existing hot water heater for a backup. Depending on the specifics of your installation, a solar DHW kit can reduce your hot water bill by 50% - yes, even in Canada!

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