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Energy Alternatives Dealer Program

EA Energy Alternatives Ltd. has an established, dedicated dealer network across the country, primarily focused in Western Canada. We are one of those rare companies who takes extreme pride in the quality of our installations, and we expect the same of our dealers.

These days it seems everyone is jumping on the green bandwagon. This is great news for the renewable energy sector. It's also a challenge for us to keep up to the number of applications we receive for dealerships, while maintaining the top-quality service customers have come to expect from EA.

It's just not possible for us to entertain every application we receive.. For us to consider a dealership, here are some basic prerequisites:

• You are building onto an established, successful business in a closely-related field. We are generally not able to work with start-up businesses due to the very high rate of failure. Though renewable energy is becoming more and more popular, Canada currently lags behind the rest of the world as we have had little to no government support whatsoever.

• You have sufficient trades experience in the products you are looking to deploy. IE if you are installing electrical systems, you need to have a ticketed electrician on staff, or a solid relationship with an outside party.

• You must be willing to invest in a demonstration renewable energy system.

• You have a solid business plan, and sufficient capital to pull it off.

• You are not in geographic conflict with established dealers. We do not provide exclusive territories, but at the same time, we will not add new dealers to existing areas that are currently well-served. In those situations, we encourage the new prospect to forge a business relationship with the existing dealer.

• You are looking at this as a long-term, serious business opportunity. Renewable Energy in Canada is not a get-rich-quick industry. There's certainly some money to be made, but it takes time & hard work to build a profitable business, as any entrepreneur will tell you.

If the above criteria applies to you, we are interested. To apply for a dealership, we ask you to provide a 1 page maximum summary of your business plan, including your area of operation, listing of the team members and their relevant experience.

We will review your application in a first-come, first-served basis. Applicants that we are interested in working with will be contacted for further information and to move forward in a mutually beneficial manner.

Once you are on-board, we will work out a personalized training program, which is typically having our experienced design and installation crews work with you on your first few projects. Hands on training is what we find most dealers prefer.

We do realize there are other companies out there that will rubber-stamp any dealer application that comes across their desk, this is not EA's model. There are many companies out there who are sending dealers loose without sufficient training. These poorly done jobs give a black-eye to the entire industry. The last thing anyone needs is injury or death caused by shoddy installations. And trust us, we have some seen some spectacularly dangerous systems installed by those who should know better!

Contact our Wholesale & Dealer Support Department at:

250-727-0522 x 24


Contact Energy Alternatives - (250) 846-9888 • Smithers, British Columbia Canada V0J 2X2
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