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100 kW Hybrid demonstration system - For Sale

This system was designed, fabricated and operated by Energy Alternatives. It was in active service for 2 years with 100% uptime and is now available for resale. This system can be operated as a diesel/battery hybrid; or can have site specific renewable energy such as solar, wind or microhydro integrated, providing some or all of the input energy.

This system is ideally suited to provide reliable power for a small community, wilderness lodge or work camp. The modular nature of the power plant allows it to be easily transported to remote sites.

System Features:

• 60 kW inverter capacity (SMA Sunny Island).
• 800 kWh battery storage (flooded lead acid)
• Dual 100 kW diesel generators (Engine hrs 5,000 and 0)
• Output voltage is 120/208 3-phase, can be stepped up.
• Designed for fully automatic, unattended, redundant operation with remote monitoring.



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